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FlexiMusic Wave Editor

FlexiMusic Wave Editor

Description | Screenshot | Comments (2) | Download

View screenshot of FlexiMusic Wave EditorComplete features and Benefits:

1) It can open and save audio files of these formats, "wav", "au", "snd" and "raw". It can read and write "Mp3" files with the help of external command line encoder. You can save part of the wave in to a new file. In case of wav files it opens instantly with out a long time delay. You can open many files in many windows. Using wave files you can work for all kind of audio requirements and you can use mp3 format to save your hard disk space or save internet bandwidth.

2) Record and play the wave sounds. You can play the sound with variable speed by setting the tempo/speed %. You can play the audio forward and backwards, while playing you can instantly U-Turn play. You can play a selected part of a file (left or right channel separately etc.). Quick play function allows you to jump to any place to start playing just by a click. Separate play selection supported that allows you to select a different range and play with not disturbing the main selection. You can record a long range up to the maximum file size supported. You can record your own voice and edit as you need, You can test another song and modify as you like, test run a song in slow speed, fast speed or reverse for fun.

3) Huge file editing supported. You can work on or record a long audio file up to 2GB (2048mb) size (for 16 bit file). This will allow you to work on a file of duration 3 hours and 20 minutes of CD quality Stereo file (higher duration if the file is mono or lower sampling rate). When the hard disk space is limited it informs you in advance and allows you to clear files to continue. You can bring in the complete CD content in to one file and edit directly in it.

4) Normal editing operations: cut, copy, delete, trim, paste-replace, paste-insert, paste multiple insert (looping). Additional editing operations: paste-mix, paste modulate, paste cross fade. Use it to delete unwanted portion (that part you don't like) in a song, add another part from another song as you like, mix your own vocal sound in to it, or remove click sounds etc..

5) A good bookmarking system is in use. You can bookmark a selected portion or view and reuse the same bookmark as needed. You can name the bookmarks with remark and can save and recall the bookmarks. While the audio is playing you can use few short cut keys to bookmark at the currently playing location pointed by the running cursor. This makes easy for you to mark a portion to work later, quickly mark a position accurately while hearing the play even wit closed eyes with short cut keys.

6) Transform operations: Reverse, invert, move-up/down, move-forward/back, inter-change channels, channel mix etc. This helps you to manipulate/modify the sound.

7) Re-formatting, re-sampling: You can change the sound format. Changing between stereo and mono, 8bit and 16 bit. Re-sampling to different sampling rates. You can change the size of the file by entering a new duration. Save the file size by reducing the quality, or increase the quality to mix with other high quality song.

8) Volume Processing: Maximize, Quick fade in, fade out, set to predefined valued to 200%, 160%, 120%, 85%, 70%, 50% or 25% (all for selected area), you can choose either to change or optimize the volume to any given %. You can balance volume like gradually increasing or decreasing to a defined two different % valued. Decide at what volume each part/portion of the song should be heard.

9) Special effects Equalize, Echo, Modulate, Stretch/Shrink/Change-speed and Delete-silence. Manipulate the complete music with all these new effects.

Equalize - No of bands in the equalizer can be adjusted as you need. Knock down the unwanted instrument or voice sound with equalizer. Improve those sounds you like.

Echo - You can add multiple echoes and also with reducing hi-fi sound. Bring in more fun with echo.

Modulate - add modulation effect with hi frequency sound on a low-fi (or drawn) wave form, you can create special sounds with this. Try modulating your voice with an instrument sound (or with a plainly generated wave) and see how your voice becomes robotic, synthesized sound.

Stretch/Shrink - You can vary the frequency or change pitch form one note to other with this effect. Make the child to sing and make it like grand father's and vise versa - great fun.

Delete silence - You can delete only the portion where the volume is low or silent. When you have many unwanted silence or low volume portions, use this command to clean up automatically.

10) Generate: add sine wave with one or two frequency (changing from one to other), multi frequency noise, silence etc. Generate simple sounds to start with, and use these as base to merge with other.

11) Draw: you can directly draw the wave form by using mouse on it, like painting/writing. This is useful for repairing noise, removing click sound and creating special sounds. You have always seen the wave going up down, why not draw with pen and let it go as you like. Try drawing some lines and apply modulate effect to hear some thing new.

12) For viewing there are zoom options, zoom with mouse select, zoom at mouse click, zoom-in, zoom-out, zoom 1:1, zoom all. And it is possible place bookmark and go to a bookmark. There is a special "Band volume view" dynamically showing the volume of each frequency band at mouse position, this helps in selecting at the valley or peak. Simple and easy to use methods to go in and out, left right, or any way you want to call it.

13) Unlimited Undo operations. You can undo many steps reverse after modifying using any of the operations said above. And you can clear part or full of the undo data to recover the disk space when needed. This undo option can be kept on or off. Made a mistake (or a test that failed) don't worry always you can be back to the past.

14) File formats supported:
File types: wav, au, snd and raw. Also mp3 - with external encoder.
Channel: Stereo and mono.
Sample size: 8 bits and 16 bits.
Flexible sampling rate: You can use any sampling rate. It handles 11025, 22050, 44100, 48000, 32000, 24000, 16000, 12000 and 8000 Hz with menu. And all other custom sampling rates can be entered in the range 1 to 200 kHz.
Most common format used for CD quality is 16 bit, 44100 Hz, Or you want to mix with avi movie use 48000 Hz.

Download FlexiMusic Wave Editor Now Download FlexiMusic Wave Editor

Buy FlexiMusic Wave Editor Buy FlexiMusic Wave Editor Now

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Download FlexiMusic Wave Editor Now Download FlexiMusic Wave Editor

Read comments (2)

Version: Nov2003
Released: Dec, 30 2003
License: Shareware, $15.00
Expires: Never Expires (Free for 7 used days)

File size: 3,184 K
Platforms: Windows XP/ME/2000/98/95
Downloads: 5617

Easy to use and inexpensive audio/mp3 editor with all features needed. Create, record, edit, draw, add effects and play mp3/audio files.


FlexiMusic Wave Editor page at FreewareSeek

Developer: FlexiMusic

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