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MED Soundstudio

MED Soundstudio

Description | Screenshot | Comments (3) | Download

MED V1.6 has had a few minor bugs repaired and the addition of a new display setting.

There have been other additions, which while small are very much welcomed in this update such as the ability to preview samples from within the Instrument Pool.

A number of features are under a new subcategory on the 'Settings' menu, aptly named 'Others'. This is where a number of advanced settings will be found.
Note that all of these are stored directly in the Windows registry, rather than the traditional MED configuration file.

If this value is set to false then MED and other softsynths or other audio programs can share sound together.

This option was asked to be included by the beta testers, this gives you
the option to turn off the balloon help when using MED, useful if you are
a veteran and do not need the help provided.

You can assign which plug-in Med will use to save your song to disk.

You can now change the folder where you keep your MED Plugins.

Before if you wished to change the sample undo level this could only be done by changing the value within the registry itself.
The undo level can now easily be changed from here.
You may want to consider adjusting this upwards if you have lots of free memory, or downwards if you are memory constrained, or do not find the undo function useful.

If you think this is just a mere update , then forget it.

This is a major upgrade in itself; more or less all the code that was used when Med was first ported over from the Amiga has been removed or re-written as a testbed for the engine to be used within the next V2 which we hope to have ready 'sometime' in 2004

Download MED Soundstudio Now Download MED Soundstudio

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Download MED Soundstudio Now Download MED Soundstudio

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Version: 1.6
Released: Feb, 4 2004
License: Shareware, $20.00
Expires: Expires after 35 Days

File size: 4,985 K
Platforms: Windows XP/ME/2000/98
Downloads: 1314

A Music EDitor


MED Soundstudio page at FreewareSeek

Developer: RBF Software

RBF Software page at FreewareSeek

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