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AnalogX Vocal Remover

AnalogX Vocal Remover

Description | Screenshot | Comments (20) | Download

Review team at Aug, 5 2003 wrote:

paulburdet at Dec, 24 2005 wrote:

Great !

Vote: 10
mad_max at Dec, 4 2005 wrote:

i wanna try this one
punith at Nov, 22 2005 wrote:

want 2 check
jayspud at Apr, 7 2005 wrote:

i want to try the analog x vocal removetr.i heard it does alot of great work.
outwrdlycliche at Jul, 20 2004 wrote:

how does this work?!

Vote: 10
ededed at May, 25 2004 wrote:

Not review
Gman at Aug, 12 2003 wrote:

can anyone help me take vocals off a C D

Vote: 10
CodemanD at Jul, 27 2003 wrote:

how do you use it? should i download direct x?
bushman69 at Jun, 22 2003 wrote:

is there any way of keeping the vocals without the backing??

Vote: 10
dsexybrat6922 at Jun, 20 2003 wrote:

i want to try a trail version
rasalamat at Mar, 14 2003 wrote:

you can still hear a slight sound it needs more improvement but its great!!!

Vote: 7
djwarna at Mar, 8 2003 wrote:

it\'s great, absolutely brilient.yeah i use it

Vote: 10
o_smurf at Feb, 28 2003 wrote:

only works on music with same and woman together, only takes out man's voice

Vote: 1
geaneve at Jan, 3 2003 wrote:

i like it

Vote: 10
ftbenji at Jul, 14 2002 wrote:

Don't work with cooledit, no directions on how to use it, worthless.

Vote: 1
boukje at Jun, 11 2002 wrote:

I would like to try a trial version

Vote: 10
butlermartin at Jun, 9 2002 wrote:

I would like to try a trial version

Vote: 10
psykodude at May, 16 2002 wrote:


Vote: 10
sjs at Oct, 22 2001 wrote:

Is it a trial version??

Vote: 10

Download AnalogX Vocal Remover Now Download AnalogX Vocal Remover

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Download AnalogX Vocal Remover Now Download AnalogX Vocal Remover

Version: 1.00
Released: Jun, 25 1999
License: Freeware, $0.00
Expires: Never Expires

File size: 149 K
Platforms: Windows ME/NT/98/95
Downloads: 30361

Allows you remove the vocals from most music! Uses the same algorithm that the hardware Karaoke machines use (180 degree phase offset).


AnalogX Vocal Remover page at FreewareSeek

Developer: AnalogX

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