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Hip Hop Ejay Hip Hop Ejay
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Hip Hop Ejay

Hip Hop Ejay

Description | Screenshot | Comments (64) | Download

Review team at Aug, 29 2003 wrote:


Vote: 9
be1_pr at Apr, 21 2004 wrote:

hej man if u want to save de mix in .wav format just export det mix and den it will be saved on .wav format

Vote: 10
piske at Apr, 14 2004 wrote:

this shit is cool man

Vote: 10
kdog at Apr, 5 2004 wrote:

i made some tight beatz too this program do got goin on

Vote: 10
kdog at Apr, 5 2004 wrote:

hip hop ejay is top quality

Vote: 10
skule at Mar, 30 2004 wrote:

Is there enyone here who know where to find a game called

Vote: 10
Dealmaker74 at Mar, 24 2004 wrote:

I downloaded the demo last night at 9 pm...after playing with it and making my own mix I looked up and it was 4am! Damn this shit is tight, this is my first time f*cking wit this and im hooked...if your a creative beginer who loves hip this software now!!!

Vote: 9
SlowJamzz at Mar, 17 2004 wrote:


Vote: 10
Krafas at Mar, 5 2004 wrote:

hello everybody maybe anyone knows where i can get all ejay dance for free

Vote: 10
Bliff_Rhymee at Feb, 22 2004 wrote:

yo i think that this ejay is good for making your own home beats but if ya wanna record real stuff you would better go in studio.

Vote: 7
moneymakinpimp001 at Feb, 21 2004 wrote:

i hope dis shit iz kool

Vote: 10
moneymakinpimp001 at Feb, 21 2004 wrote:

diz bogish ass shit better work too damn it

Vote: 10
J_Flo at Feb, 18 2004 wrote:

Well ...Im a big fan of making beats and writing lyrics...most yall bitch made ass faggets dont take the game gotta take rap as if everythings fo-sho' im hoping that the money for this program is worth spending......get at me dawg!

Vote: 10
DIJ at Feb, 6 2004 wrote:

how do you save the mix in .wav format? I tried doing SAVE AS and the only file format that appears is the .mix?

Vote: 10
huj at Jan, 29 2004 wrote:

jest do dupy

Vote: 10
kray2003 at Jan, 2 2004 wrote:

Alot of you fool are ignorent to the producing game some of the shit you say just makes me laugh . Alot of you have no clue on anything sampling is a very simple form Ejay is just a toy and yes hip hop producers to play instruments mostly keyboards and guitars let me kick knowledge go and learn dont try and voice and opinion when you have no clues about shit
rek at Dec, 8 2003 wrote:

this program is cool to get kids into making beats, but generic stock samples that come with a program will only go so far. the ejaty program isnt powerful enough to be called a production tool, i find it more a toy, but still good to get started. i started with this kind of program, then i moved to acid. now i use fruity loops, reason, and i have more recently used an Akai MPC2000XL to make beats (which is by far the best). but if you are serious into sample based production, pick up a turntable and buy some old vinyl, chop your own loops, seriously. you will get smacked in the game if you try and press some ejay/acid stock loops. serious kids.

Vote: 4
Usta at Dec, 1 2003 wrote:

People if you want a the full ejay hip hop 4 just see on the p2p software.

Vote: 10
brocka3 at Nov, 14 2003 wrote:

I own 3 ejays. Now they are good and fun to use. But if you are looking for something professional, this isn't for you. I love to use it for fun and to make my own beats and all that, BUT, if you want to use it in a studio or in any professional maner, this isn't all that good. Maybe use to get ideas but at the end of it all when you listen to the music you just made, it doesn't sound

Vote: 5
cruznman13 at Nov, 6 2003 wrote:

Hip Hop ejay is one of the sickest music generator programs that i have ever seen. Making some of the chillest beats and then writing lyrics for them, you can make your own tyte music. Check it out

Vote: 10
ruffneck at Oct, 23 2003 wrote:

this download is a piece of shit it took me nearly 4 hours to download

Vote: 10
wizardul at Oct, 15 2003 wrote:

Cel mai tare soft de hip hot ,pt. Alain

Vote: 10
p0xy at Sep, 15 2003 wrote:

lol you people make me laugh, these ejay products, while suitable for beginners are not serious programs for any kind of music compostion and neither do they provide any kind of learning curve to understanding the real production of music. To think you can become a professional by sole use of these products is just plain ignorance. If you want to become a pro then get some serious software, a midi keyboard and learn your music theory.

Vote: 1
Jamforalady at Aug, 26 2003 wrote:

Cybergirl(Jamforalady); :)) You may be wondering about my nick ,well it comes from one of Moby's latest single, called"Jam for the ladies' ,I gotta say it's really awesome:)) Secondly ,why is it that i can't find Dance E-jay full versiooon? Why's that? I WANT SOME ANSWERSS Somebody contact me at: live a message on my

Vote: 1
pimp38002003 at Aug, 26 2003 wrote:

mix my own music
scitz at Aug, 21 2003 wrote:

I sure hope this shit work. Cause im not trying to download this shit twice.

Vote: 10
magnetic1 at Aug, 6 2003 wrote:

I have news for those who say producers will recognize the samples...HELLOOOO? That's all producers do!!! There's only but so many drum loops used in rap, you can create the drum track, and chop up the samples... Shiiiiiiiiiiiiet, somebody is paying me several g's for the beats i created on hip hop ejay...this shiet is HOT..please, most beats out there today are not that difficult to me, they doing the same ish we doing, except with MORE EXPENSIVE EQUIPMENT..these cats dont play instruments, lol

Vote: 10
3054qsmk at Jul, 31 2003 wrote:

trying to down load this is painful after sitting through 2 hours of waiting the frustration has got to me this is the fourth time.screw it.

Vote: 10
3054qsmk at Jul, 31 2003 wrote:

well im just gonna tell! that yesterday i sit up for over two hours twise!first time my computer booted me out.second time my computer got it after pain stakenly wating.i saw the little turn table logo,but could'nt open it now it is gone with out a trace.down load took two years still havent got it yet.i was so pissed i felt like yelling.fell asleep on my desk tring to down load it a third time.if it works it better be worth it.

Vote: 10
555 at Jul, 23 2003 wrote:

oh yo! the best way to dowload this is to download kazaa, straight up! The best ejay is the full version and make sure that its in english .

Vote: 10
555 at Jul, 23 2003 wrote:

I think this program is a mad start for all beginners and a great way to build your listening skills towards hiphop beats, rave whatever.

Vote: 10
555 at Jul, 23 2003 wrote:

I think this program is a mad start for all beginners and a great way to build your listening skills towards hiphop beats, rave whatever, but like they say, this isn't for serious sample based music production, you'll just be asking for a slap if you try to show or sell this to any serious producer. But apart fom that, its a lot of fun and a good start so go hard and keep making them beats. YO!

Vote: 10
k9 at Jul, 21 2003 wrote:

Hiphop ejay is tight, mostly compared to fruityloops which is another popular beat making machine. For me Hiphop ejay is way easier and better, it just takes practice and you'll have mastered it.

Vote: 10
perks at Jul, 17 2003 wrote:

I've tried to download hip hop ejay with no success! what a load of cacky piss! what more can i say?

Vote: 1
OLI at Jul, 6 2003 wrote:

This Ejay Is RUBBISH!!

Vote: 2
wlfee_69 at May, 29 2003 wrote:

hiphop ejay is a good starter program for beginners. sounds are decent enough for home studio, but recommend exportation to acid 4.0 for actual multitrack voice recording. one thing you may not know is that for a simple program, ejay uses way to much cpu, it takes on average, 80 percent of cpu resources, just click ctrl, alt, del while running to see for yourself. my cpu temp rises atleast 8 to ten degrees while in operation. this is not good seeing that this pc is a dedicated recording station meant for long hours of music creation. acid and fruity only use 5 to 13 percent in idle mode, and 20 @ peak. not only that, when you voice over your beatz it loses timing and starts to echo. and the mic sound isnt all that great. I choose to export the beat file and edit with acid. the recording is 10 times better and stays in real time.

Vote: 10
KillA at Apr, 22 2003 wrote:

Well Here is all the ejays to get if you want to make some tight ass beats hip hop ejay,hip hop ejay 2,street style ejay,hip hop ejay 4,and get kazaa and type in ejay and it will say full ejay or some shit you can make hip hop techno,rave what ever just get that then you will be str8!!!!!!

Vote: 10
eddbmx at Apr, 2 2003 wrote:

why cant anyone on this site spell properly?

Vote: 10
pureplaya6945 at Jan, 28 2003 wrote:

havent tried yet but sounds and looks good i hope this is free can you burn your music on mp3 tho

Vote: 10
Bad__boy911 at Jan, 6 2003 wrote:


Vote: 8
jonijoni at Jan, 3 2003 wrote:


Vote: 9
spawn at Dec, 26 2002 wrote:

Great touch

Vote: 10
mrbozzplaya at Dec, 25 2002 wrote:

can u save your song on this studio demo

Vote: 10
sametmc at Dec, 11 2002 wrote:


Vote: 5
Ballin07 at Dec, 10 2002 wrote:

its off tha chain, yall gotta pick dat up

Vote: 10
deceneu at Dec, 3 2002 wrote:

it's too god-damn GOOD (hear me nigga?)

Vote: 10
gangstaboo at Nov, 8 2002 wrote:

hayyy... whos gonna be a great DJ

Vote: 10
THG at Oct, 24 2002 wrote:


Vote: 10
nejme at Oct, 17 2002 wrote:

very goooooddd

Vote: 10
hassan110 at Sep, 25 2002 wrote:

very good

Vote: 10
hiphop at Sep, 24 2002 wrote:

Hey Make This Program 4 Free Because his demo is very very very mothaf.... ugly

Vote: 10
maxmydik at Aug, 30 2002 wrote:


Vote: 10
Black456 at Aug, 22 2002 wrote:

its great why cant i download it

Vote: 10
mccoyl at Aug, 13 2002 wrote:

can u download sounds from online

Vote: 10
joaquimjf at Aug, 13 2002 wrote:

i love us

Vote: 10
Dan at Jul, 30 2002 wrote:

все супер но только где взять полную версию?

Vote: 10
cas at Jul, 29 2002 wrote:

ejay hip hop is brilliant if only you could record your songs on 2 cd then rap on them it would be be even better.

Vote: 10
joeymatrix at Jun, 16 2002 wrote:

Yo mah man'z and nem'. Hip Hop Ejay is the perfect software package for people with madd creativity in the brain, with a low learning curve tollerance. I made me some phat ass tracks and people around my way are on the dizzznick ! Im eagerly awaiting a new version to release if ever.

Vote: 10
djhypno2001 at May, 29 2002 wrote:

let me mix

Vote: 10
Zombie82 at May, 22 2002 wrote:

is this all free?

Vote: 10
mrmusic at Mar, 14 2002 wrote:

Cамая Чумавая прога чтоб бацать отличный хоп музон! Re$pecT..!!

Vote: 10
esua at Jan, 23 2002 wrote:


Vote: 10
verbuyst at Sep, 29 2001 wrote:

it's coooool!!!!

Vote: 10
angel at Aug, 17 2001 wrote:

great game, demo lacks features and becomes boring after a short period of time

Vote: 10

Download Hip Hop Ejay Now Download Hip Hop Ejay

Graphic Equalizer Pro Graphic Equalizer Pro
Real-time stereo 15 bands, constant Q graphic equalizer.

Total Recorder Standard Edition Total Recorder Standard Edition
Total Recorder records streaming audio from Real Player or Windows Media Player, mic input, line-in input or other sound card source. Optional free and trial Add-on allows for the processing a sound stream or monitoring some sound characteristics.

Virtual DJ Studio Virtual DJ Studio
A virtual mixing console for DJs.

Download Hip Hop Ejay Now Download Hip Hop Ejay

Version: 1.0
Released: Dec, 18 1998
License: Demo, $0.00
Expires: Expiration Unknown

File size: 25,000 K
Platforms: Windows ME/98/95
Downloads: 23901

Create and record your own hip hop mixes with no musical experience required! Perform "live" Hip Hop scratching as your mix grooves.


Hip Hop Ejay page at FreewareSeek

Developer: Voyetra Turtle Beach, Inc.

Voyetra Turtle Beach, Inc. page at FreewareSeek

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