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007 Spy Software

007 Spy Software

Description | Screenshot | Comments (12) | Download

View screenshot of 007 Spy Software

Review team at Aug, 10 2003 wrote:


Vote: 10
ellmorus at Jan, 16 2006 wrote:

i have one problem i clicked on expert and cant get it up on my screen, what do i do?
baddy at Jun, 15 2005 wrote:


Vote: 1
harmeet at Jun, 14 2005 wrote:


Vote: 10
Bleu at Dec, 3 2004 wrote:

I am interested in seeing a few logical responses to the above post I just read by "2004-07-21 1 Me1911" ...Thanks!

Vote: 10
Me1911 at Jul, 21 2004 wrote:

Spyware programs, even the free ones like Ad-Aware and SpyBot Search and Destroy detect SpyAnytime PC Spy. It finds the keylogger dll file in System32 folder. Anyone have a solution to this. What's the sense of buying this program, which I've already done, if it can be found with freeware like Ad-Aware, etc.

Vote: 1
Fahrenheit_451 at Jul, 10 2004 wrote:

BIG problem is when the target has the MSN (or any other) online chat window kept to a small size - screen capture not very effective unless you want to fill your HDD with images taken every 3 seconds! Anyone know of a program that records keystrokes, screen shots and BOTH sides of online conversation?

Vote: 6
ajju at Apr, 5 2004 wrote:

no one can beat this

Vote: 10
helicon at Feb, 12 2004 wrote:

What I want to say is... Excellent

Vote: 10
Kev at Oct, 17 2003 wrote:

ЧоЛ¬µДЖАјЫ I love this spy software as well as the company since those guys reply my email really in time! Sometimes they answer me toooo quickly! The software can't be more easy-to-use as well as interesting! Don't believe those sold on $59 or even higher product, this one is powerful enough for spy on anyone! I've tested it with several kinds of anti-virus software such as Norton and Mcfee to see if they will warning up on this spyware but everything is okay. I also find its uninstalling method is really interesting and reasonable, you will not find a uninstall entry in Windows Control Panel, the uninstall button is password protected. I realized this spyware only records single side of chat conversations, but the perfect screenshot log engine will cover this inconvenience completely. In a word, this spyware does everything I want it to do and is absolutely worthy of $29.95.

Vote: 10
KOM2004 at Oct, 14 2003 wrote:

poerfec program to control users

Vote: 10
rick151 at Sep, 16 2003 wrote:

Unable to download trial version from either site Sept 16 2003

Download 007 Spy Software Now Download 007 Spy Software

Buy 007 Spy Software Buy 007 Spy Software Now

Zip Key Zip Key
Easy to use password recovery for ZIP archives.

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Folder Lock is a data security solution that encrypt & secures your files, while keeping an automatic and real-time backup of encrypted files in the backup cloud. It also offers portable security for USB drives and CDs/DVDs. Anti-Hack Solution

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DriveScrubber permanently wipes away data from drives, using removal techniques that fully eradicate data. These methods hinder recovery by the most sophisticated technology and prevent confidential information from falling into the wrong hands.

Asphalis Asphalis
Asphalis is a new Cryptographic tool that uses private/public key mecanism based on braid group protocol.

Asterix Asterix
This NICE password recovery utility displays the passwords behind the asterisks on ALL Windows systems.

Dial-up Password Recovery Master Dial-up Password Recovery Master
This password recovery tool helps the user to display logins and passwords for access to Internet, LAN, or to other computers as well as properties of network and dial-up connections stored by the system.

Download 007 Spy Software Now Download 007 Spy Software

Version: 3.95
Released: Oct, 27 2008
License: Shareware, $39.95
Expires: Expires after 15 Days

File size: 1,172 K
Platforms: Windows XP/ME/NT/2000/98/95
Downloads: 6284

Secretly monitor and record all activity of computer users and automatically deliver logs to you via Email or FTP at set interval, including keystrokes, emails, online chat, files operation, Web site visited, and take snapshot of the entire desktop.


007 Spy Software page at FreewareSeek

Developer: WareSight Spy Software Team

WareSight Spy Software Team page at FreewareSeek

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